Coffee Shops

Advanced-Fabrication uses their knowledge and expertise of great team members to design, customize, and construct the best cafes/coffee shops in the nation. Creating a custom cafe/coffee shop is a great business venture; the profit margin is high and it's an overall fun industry to be a part of. Cafes/coffee shops become a great hang-out spot and a place where people feel comfortable to relax and enjoy some great coffee.

From your barista's view, our cafes/coffee shops are the most efficient and functional on the market. We have the knowledge to make sure that your business runs smoothly and quickly to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Here are the stories of some of our clients that took advantage of all of our resources and have been rewarded with success.

  1. Pink Java Cafe

  2. Pink Java Cafe

  3. Flour Power Cakery

  4. Flour Power Cakery

  5. Yazoo Pass

  6. Yazoo Pass Cafe

  7. Ironbird Cafe

  8. Ironbird

Cafe Design And Layout
This multi-cart configuration was designed and built by Advanced Fabrication for the San Diego Zoo. The design incorporates a 7 foot Espresso Cart wit
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Coffee Shop Business Design
In this detailed rendering by Advanced Fabrication, every detail of the client’s coffee business is displayed, from the lighting to the menus. Advance
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Coffee Shop Design And Layout
Advanced Fabrication’s dazzling design for this business is sure to catch the customer’s attention with its vivid colors and sleek design. The vibrant
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Cafe Business Design
An elegant cafe designed by Advanced Fabrication and Design creates an artistic ambiance giving its customers a feeling of sophistication as they enjo
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Coffee Shop Design
This ambitious owner of this bakery/café saw an opportunity to increase foot traffic to his business by hiring Advanced Fabrication to transform his l
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Cafe Design
This open and inviting coffee house was designed by Advanced Fabrication, and is a great place for customers to enjoy a specialty drink no matter what
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Coffee Business Design
Graceful from floor to ceiling, this coffee business is an elegant example of Advanced Fabrication’s ability to adhere to the style and design of its
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Java Jake’s Drive-Thru Cafe
This drive-thru café concept was designed, fabricated, and built by the Advanced Fabrication Team. Our team of experienced fabricators, designers and
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The Coffee House
This Coffee Shop was designed and built for a customer in the Midwest that owns and runs an adjoining business. As do most of customers, he began the
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Better Buzz Coffee
This is another location we designed and developed for this fast-growing franchise group. This café is located in a local mall here in San Diego. Bett
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Kona Joe's Coffee Co.
The owner of this café used all of our services, from the Design & Layout Package right up to the Grand Opening Consulting Package. We were able to pr
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Smoothie Sensation
This unique design was developed to blend the unique color scheme of a traditional smoothie business with the elegant essentials of a café. This busin
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Mavis Bank
This overhead view of this small in line shop was developed for a bank in Jamaica. The customer will be serving espresso based drinks, brewed coffee,
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Better Buzz Coffee
This drive-thru café concept was designed, fabricated, and built by the Advanced Fabrication Team. Our team of experienced fabricators, designers and
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Professor Java
This was a conceptual rendering for a coffee concept for a School District on the West Coast. Advanced Fabrication Designed and Branded 3 concepts for
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Community College
RSFI 0246
This was a cafe buildout for a community college. The complete coffee shop was over 2500 square feet
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Better Buzz Coffee
This in-line store was developed and designed for a growing franchise in the San Diego area. Our team of consultants designed this concept within the
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Le Coffee House
The Advanced Fabrication team assisted this young entrepreneur in opening his first coffee business in Palm Springs, California. Our experienced consu
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Marcella Junes Coffee Lounge
DTC 0242
This customer enlisted our services from the very beginning. Coming from an entrepreneur background and after a few years with Starbucks, he was read
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Maui Wowi
This concept was developed and designed for an international franchise, for an in-line kiosk concept. Kiosks and modular buildings can be placed in a
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The Coffee Spot
This coffee shop will be opening soon in Helena, Montana. This customer came from a background of graphic design and understood the importance of pre
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Makana Coffee And Tea Company
This company was formed in the Pittsburgh area for an in-line store with a Hawaiian Kona Coffee branding concept within the design and product selecti
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