Multiple variables present themselves when building out a gourmet coffee shop. Our experienced team of architects can draft a set of plans in a couple of weeks for submission to the health department and the building department. We fabricate and design all of our own cabinetry and millwork at our facility located in San Diego California. Our team of cabinet makers and technicians can install all of your equipment, put together your fixtures and build your display cases. Upon completion of the cafe we package and load your entire coffee business into a truck and deliver it to your new cafe. The truck is then unloaded by our team and we will perform a complete installation of the millwork, coffee equipment and fixtures. We can also put together an opening inventory for your project from Ritual Grounds Roasting and include it in the shipment. Ask about getting your staff trained and we will arrange to fly out a consultant from Ivy League Barista Academy for your grand opening.

If you are looking for a gourmet coffee business that is turn-key and you want things done right and cost effective, choose and we will save you time, money and hassle on your future cafe.

Architectural Plans
Advanced-Fabrication’s team consists of an architect licensed in all 50 states meeting requirements of planning departments. In addition to our architect we have a drafter, civil engineer, landscape architect, structural engineer, plumbing engineer and an electrical engineer available. No cafe is too big or too small for our team of restaurant experts. The architecturally drafted set of plans will be used to submit to the Building Department, Health Department, and the team of contractors that will complete the project.
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Project Management
Build Out of a cafe, shop, or drive-thru can take a lot of time and energy. Let one of our experienced Project Managers worry about managing and completing these tasks for your future cafe, coffee shop, or drive thru business, saving you time and money! Our professional project managers are here to make sure the project is completed on time, contractors are producing quality work, and that your health and building inspections go smoothly. Through our project management you will receive up to date status reports on your project, increased efficiency in the constructions team and the ability to catch and correct any mistakes before they happen.
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Cabinetry and Casework
Advanced Fabrication can custom design your cafes casework and merchandising to insure a seamless process from conceptual design to actual reality. Casework is designed and fabricated in house at our corporate facility. Project managers have the ability to check on it’s status daily, and even send you pictures of your casework before it ships! Casework can also be designed to have plumbing and electrical for your equipment package to minimize plumbing and electrical connections done on site once your casework arrives.
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Cafe Construction
Hiring a professional for General Contracting, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Landscaping, Asphalt Maintenance, and Exterior Work can be grueling and expensive. Let us handle it for you !Elite Ownership Inc. DBA Advanced Fabrication Ca license # 923462 can manage and construct the walls, flooring, electrical and plumbing fields of your project.

Our team of Project Managers will catch the mistakes before they happen, keep our contractors and sub contractors on a timeline, and schedule inspections accordingly. Not knowing the business or lacking the construction experience can put you at a disadvantage. Our Project Managers have extensive experience to make sure that you pay the right amount for any job. An example, in a project that we did for Better Buzz Coffee, the original electrical bid pulled by the owner was $21,000 but we were able to get the job done using our electrician for $7,000! Saving $14,000 let’s face it, new business owners get taking advantage of, how would you know what the typical bid for electrical SHOULD be? Let us help you save money and get the project done right!
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Delivery and Installation
Simplified delivery process, we can consolidate your entire business in one truckload. No inconvenience of scheduling multiple deliveries for every vendor. When your cafe is ready for casework installation we will ship your casework, equipment and even starting inventory if you’d like!
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Conceptual Design
Many cafe owners find that a 3-d conceptual color rendering is required for their project. Often times property owners, mall management or investors feel it is necessary to see the project in it’s true form. A 3-d rendering allows you to see the project from the barista’s view, customers view and from one other view of your choice. It can assist in final wall color, material selection and even equipment placement. You will get a true sense of what it will “feel” like when walking inside your cafe. The rendering is often used in the build out phase to help guide construction crews to what the finished product will look like and to assist in fixture placement, lighting and fabric placement.
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